Results and Data

The following data gives an indication of the results we  achieve in the clinic as a whole.

DATA 1  COMPLETE SPREADSHEET  (excel2003) tip: save to desktop then open to get all excel features as spreadsheet is large and complex

Data 2  Sorted by Test TVPS QUIL LAC  (excel spreadsheet)
Test of Visual Processing Skills; Queensland University Inventory of Literacy; Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test
Data 3  Woodcock
Data 4  Neale
Data 5  QUIL Queensland University Inventory of Literacy
Data 6  GORT Gray Oral Reading Test
Data 7  LAC Lindamood; TVPS Test of Visual Processing
DST Dyslexia Screening Test
Data 9  LAC Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization ONLY
Data 10 Longitudinal Data

The data that can be seen here reflects the component skills necessary for reading with proper comprehension. The ability to read requires many skills and these are able to be isolated, tested and therefore quantified. There is also a hierarchy of skills ranging from the low level visual and auditory to the high level  comprehension.

Hierarchy of tests / subtests in order from lowest to highest
t is important to view the data for any individual client in this order. We  find that it in general the items lower in the hierarchy (e.g. Visual) will prevent higher level performance if there are poor scores for these components.

Comprehension, a high level item, will usually be compromised when there are low level items scoring poorly. Remediation of these lower items will often result in improved reading technique and ability and this alone will facilitate better reading comprehension.