Appointment Process

Speech Pathology Appointments can be made by calling our office on (07) 33998028.  Basic information such as age and concerns/difficulties will assist staff in determining how long a speech assessment will take.

  • Staff will also require contact information and a deposit to be paid to confirm the appointment/s made.
  • Once an appointment has been booked and the deposit paid, an information pack will be forwarded to you with all the information you require prior to the appointment.
  • At the end of an assessment, the Speech Pathologist will verbally tell you the findings and recommendations for treatment.  A comprehensive written report will be sent to you 4-6 weeks following the assessment.  A copy of this report can be sent to any additional persons you wish (e.g. doctor, teacher, tutor.
  • If treatment is recommended, these appointments can be made at the end of the assessment.