Clinic Information Evenings


Details: 6.00 – 7.00PM  How to help your child can be confusing. Take this opportunity to speak with our Reading Education professionals or Speech Pathologists.

Where: Our rooms, 2/27 Godwin St Bulimba  map 
(be careful… not goodwin st)

Who: This free talk is for any person whom is looking to understand how to help their child read especially if they are having problems at school or keeping up with reading assignments.  Whether a parent, teacher or educational academic, this opportunity will prove valuable.

What:    The programmes and methods we use here at Tyquin Speech Pathology and Reading Clinic are world leading and achieve exceptional results. We target the low average to very low ability readers and generally achieve excellent results within month and sometimes even within weeks.

For most children excellent progress is made in a single school term!

This information session is NOT a hard sell, but a genuine opportunity to observe our clinic and have a talk with the very people who would  actually be helping your child.

Please understand that there is a huge amount of misinformation in the reading industry and substandard results are all too common even with so called experts. You need to shop around and be confident that the problem with your child’s reading is well understood and a logical approach to remediating the problem exists with anyone you choose.

If you are considering using a tutor, is it to correct a problem or just catch up missed work? Hopefully it is just the latter because in our experience, when serious underlying problems exist, a tutor is often not very successful.

Take this as an opportunity to see the various technologies in more detail, why they are so effective and why we choose to use them.

Behavioural Reading , a new technology within the field of neuropsychology, developed by Philip Gruhl here at Tyquin,  why it is so effective and why it is a world first in creating fluent reading.

Free:   At the very least, you will take away a few strategies that you can use to help your child read fluently. Developed in our clinic and used successfully everyday.

RSVP: Numbers are strictly limited as our clinic rooms only allow for about 15 people. Please phone 3399 8028 or email to confirm your place.