Why don’t schools do this?

I have told the teachers that we will do YOUR reading because we can see it working day to day…

I didn’t know what to do… tutor or Tyquin reading, so we did both. We have stopped  the tutor because it wasn’t doing anything and yours we could see improvement week to week. It is so obvious. (after 3 sessions Ed.)

Child now says it doesn’t hurt so much to read
English assignment this week… Mother didn’t help at all and it wasn’t too bad!!  (after 3 weeks Ed)

Dad comes in after missing the first 5 minutes of BR session 1 and hears 8yr old reading and says “have you got a magic wand?”

Going really at well at school now (two years later)

Coming along beautifully… 5 sessions

Your maths method is remarkable. Now ‘B’ is comfortable in the maths class, does beautiful neat work, is able to look up her book and solve her own problems. I am so grateful for what you have done. (6 sessions)

I was crying last night thinking about Tyquin after seeing his NAPLAN results. His reading and writing is wonderful

Very excited. Dan* got an A plus for his QAR English comprehension/ spelling/ grammar test today!!! Thank YOU

Tom was selected as one of the ‘Reading Ambassadors’ in his class because of his enthusiasm to read.



* Name changed