Do you need a referral to see a Speech Pathologist?

No.  No referral is required.  Appointments can be made by calling Tyquin Group directly.

Can I claim a rebate with my private Health Fund?

Yes.  If your cover includes speech pathology services then you will be able to claim a rebate.  Check with your health fund for the amount of the rebate.

How much does an assessment cost?

This depends on the Speech Pathologist you are booked to see and the areas that are being assessed (e.g. a speech assessment will take one hour, a language assessment will take two hours).

Can I claim a rebate with Medicare?

Generally, the answer is no.  However, if the person seeing the speech pathologist is under a government program (e.g. Chronic Disease Management, Helping Children with Autism, Better Start) they may be eligible to claim a rebate.

Do you have HICAPS?

Tyquin Group has made the decision not to have HICAPS so that we are able to keep costs to our clients to a minimum.

How long will speech pathology treatment take?

The speech pathologist cannot give you a definitive answer as to how long speech pathology treatment will take.  The length of time required to reach age appropriate skill levels is largely dependent on many factors:

· frequency of speech pathology visits

· time spent on homework practice

· child’s behaviour towards structured play and work activities

· underlying communication difficulty

· presence of more than one area of communication difficulty (eg speech and language delay)

· presence of a delay or disorder.

The speech pathologist can give you an indication of what specifically needs to be worked on. Once all goals are completed, reassessment may indicate that your child can cease attending therapy for a certain period of time. In other words, speech therapy will last as long as it takes to help your child reach age-appropriate skills.