Thank you for choosing Tyquin Group Speech Pathologist and  Reading Clinic to help you with your needs.  We are a group of speech and reading professionals who strive to offer you the very best of care in comfortable and  convenient surroundings.

At Tyquin Group we assess and treat  both children and adults presenting with a variety of  communication difficulties including issues with speech such as stuttering or mispronouncing words or slow readers.

We endeavour to provide an excellent service and really value any praise, criticisms or opinions you may wish to share.


 Initial Consultation & Assessment:

Depends on the clinician booked: $185; $220; $230 per hour

This includes a written report


Treatment sessions  (per hour)

Depends on the clinician booked: $135;  $160; $165


Louise Tyquin (Principal Speech Pathologist)

Initial Consultation & Assessment: $230 per hour

This includes a written report

Treatment session: $165 per hour


Duration of assessment /consultation appointment:

More than one hour may sometimes be needed to complete the assessment process, as this time is very dependent on the child and the areas of difficulty which are being assessed.


Cancellation of Appointments:

Unless 3 days notice is given of cancellation of an appointment, the full sessional rate will be charged.


Messagebank  – Please call 3399 8028 and advise our office or leave a  message if you are unable to attend.


Payment is STRICTLY on the day of, or prior to, the session.  NO ACCOUNTS ARE ISSUED. 


Method 1:  Pay the therapist, whom will issue a receipt.

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa ONLY)


Method 2:  Pay by phone (office hours)

Call 3399 8028 and please have your credit card number handy.



The Initial Consultation and Assessment  includes the following:

  • client and/or parent interview
  • client assessment testing and diagnosis
  • discussion face to face on the day of assessment

In addition another hour or more may be spent:

  • analysing data
  • preparing the necessary documentation
  • making relevant phone calls,  and
  • writing the report.


Activities with small children will often resemble play. This is needed to establish a rapport with the child. The clinician is however, assessing while this ‘play’ is occurring.


Treatment sessions are 60 minutes duration during which the clinician will:

  • work directly with your child
  • demonstrate techniques to be used at home
  • take time to discuss your child’s progress outline work that needs to be carried out at home to ensure improvement.

In addition to the hour  spent with you in the clinic, at least  another 30 minutes is spent prior to the appointment on planning and preparation for your child’s session.


Excellence in service will extend beyond the consultation.  You are given all the support and after-clinic care you require to make sure our work with you leaves you feeling you have
received a valuable service



Wording of receipts:
Some medical funds have specific requirements for wording and how the receipt should be written. Benefits paid may be affected if wording is not to the requirements of your medical fund. With over 100 medical funds  it is not possible for us to know all of the different  formats.

Please contact your Private Insurer and request the following information then advise the clinician at the time of writing your receipt:

What speech therapy benefits am I entitled?

What exact wording or descriptors are needed on the receipt?

Is any special breakdown of the items or amounts needed? If so, request an example from your insurer.


A report will be written after the completion of the Initial Consultation and Assessment.   The therapist will already have discussed the assessment results with you.  The purpose of the report is to provide a written record for your personal files.  This report will usually be forwarded to you about 4 – 6 weeks following the completion of the assessment.  However, treatment sessions can begin immediately after the assessment is completed.

As part of our practice policy to raise the profile of speech pathology in the community, we also send copies of the report to people such as – your GP, your child’s school, nursing home and any specialists involved.  Please advise the therapist if you have a problem with this.

URGENT REPORT SERVICE Occasionally reports are needed very urgently. We are happy to assist you at these times.

Please discuss any need for urgent reports with the therapist.  This service will attract a premium.