Info Sheets

Please read this before your appointment with our speech pathologists or reading coach.

Please ensure your child is aware that they are NOT going to see a doctor to avoid incorrect and unnecessary concerns on their part.  Instead let them know that they will be seeing someone who helps children with their talking or reading and spelling (or whatever the case may be).

Preparing for your visit with the Speech Pathologist:

  1. Does your child know he/she has a speech, language or literacy difficulty?   Please let us know beforehand so that we are able to focus our initial approach in an appropriate and encouraging manner for your child.
  2. You will have received a Client Details & Information Form with your ‘Information Pack’.  Please complete this form before you come to the assessment visit – this will save time during the visit and allow more time for observing, assessing and discussing your child.
  3. Bring the Client Details & Information form with you to this initial visit and any documentation (reports, letters, referral letters) you may have about your child.  This information can be of great assistance to the Speech Pathologist as it will give a more complete picture of your child.

What takes place during the Initial Speech Pathology or Literacy Consultation / Assessment session?

  1. You will meet with the Speech Pathologist and briefly discuss your child’s case history (motor milestones, general health, etc).
  2. The appropriate testing will then take place which may include talking, playing games, observation and/ or the use of formal assessment material.
  3. This is not an exam and should be seen as a fun thing (for the younger child) or as a means of seeing if we can help them (for the older child).   Encourage your child to see it in this way.
  4. As the time involved for the assessment is very individualised the testing may need to be completed at another appointment.   This will depend upon what your child is being assessed for (e.g. you may have concerns that relate to literacy – this type of difficulty usually requires more than one session to complete the assessments required).  Please discuss this with your Speech Pathologist.
  5. Our aim is to discuss the results of your assessment with you at the completion of the assessment.  Sometimes however, formal assessments may take up to an hour to be scored and analysed and there may not be enough time to do this at the time of your visit.   During the initial consultation, your speech pathologist will do one or more of the following:
  • discuss your child’s assessment results and options for any recommended treatment (if the assessment has been completed)
  • make an appointment to complete the assessment (if required)
  • make arrangements with you to discuss the results in more detail at another session due to shortage of time during the assessment visit
  • refer you to another professional (e.g. Audiologist, Occupational Therapist, ENT)  if appropriate.

Speech Pathology Treatment Sessions and regular appointments:

If the assessment results indicate that your child needs speech pathology treatment, we are happy to give you a regular time slot (if available) at a time that is convenient for you.

Your child will be given a Homework Book at the commencement of treatment and appointments will be written inside the book so that you will always know when your child’s next appointment will be.

It is important also if you are NOT able to keep your appointment that you give us 3 working days notice to avoid the cancellation fee.  (Please refer to Practice Information brochure and Cancellation Policy).

We trust that your experience with the Tyquin Group team proves both pleasant and beneficial.  If you have any concerns, queries or feedback that you would like to pass on please contact Tyquin Group on 3399 8028.