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reading-clinic-brisbane-southside-speech-pathologistWelcome to Brisbane’s Premier Reading Clinic!

Tyquin Group reading clinic diagnoses and treats mild to chronically poor readers using state of the art and other innovative techniques.

A blend of Speech Pathology and Optometric assessments are used to accurately diagnose and evaluate reading disorders. As a reading client, your particular circumstances, strengths and weaknesses are taken into account. Strategies of treatment to maximise and improve reading and literacy outcomes in the shortest possible time will be used.


Reading Tutor Program:

Reading Tutor is a structured program to reading success. It’s built around the Tyquin Reading Clinic proven success formula. You can even begin FREE.

Tyquin has developed its reading clinic around 6 tenants of success:

Speech pathology literacy assessment

Fast tracked ‘reading brain plasticity’

BehaviouralReading techniques

STARS phonological awareness techniquesReading Clinic and tutor tyquin group brisbane

Scientific method

Innovation, experimentation, evaluation

Responding to results:

As an innovative practice, we make observations of our success and failures. We are always being proactive to bring you the very best technologies and techniques as well as actively invent and create new methods.

Of everything available at this time we have assembled ‘Reading Tutor’ to be the ultimate package at an affordable price.

Listening to you:

Our customer keep asking to help make our Reading Clinic more affordable. We have listened and now offer the packages from as low as $59 per week.


The techniques that are used:

  •  a) Follow Speech Pathology specialist reading guidelines incorporating phonological awareness and utilizes a proprietary programme unique to Tyquin. – see STARS
  • b) Utilize a number of computer based interventions as an intensive programme to initiate crucial neurological changes
  • c) Utilize a new behaviouralist based method proudly developed in-house, to rapidly move the poor reader to a fluent reader and increase vocabulary acquisition rates to high levels. – see and

Tyquin is a leading and innovative reading clinic that strives to achieve results that have only been dreamt of. Success can never be guaranteed, but results are usually very encouraging. See our clinic data on an excel spreadsheet

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