Speech Pathology – Article Drafts

Please note: These articles are draft that have been written for local magazines. Please seek advice from a qualified Speech Pathologist for your personal situation


Article 1 Articulation to dyspraxia
Article 2 My child has a lisp
Article 3 Speech – Sound development
Article 5 ‘Why won’t the other kids play with me, mummy’
Article 6 A Thilly Thong
Article 7 I Can’t Understand My Child
Article 8 Is your child’s speech developing appropriately
Article 9 Lisping
Article 10 What did he say


Apraxia 1  Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Babies 1 Dribbling
Babies 2 Good feeding habits
Babies 3 Language development
Babies 4 Sucking a dummy
Babies 5 Quiet baby
Babies 6 Slow talkers 
Babies 7 The Quiet Child
Babies 8 How much Technology is good for  your child
Babies 9 Does my child need to see a Paediatrician
Babies 10 My child points a lot but doesn’t say many words
Babies 11 Speech Pathology What can it do for my child?
Babies 12 Sound Play Makes all the Difference
Babies 13 Comprehension What Should My Toddler Understand
Babies 14 Too Much TV


CAP Definition
CAP What is it?
CAP and literacy
CAP and spelling
CAP and hearing
CAP and listening




Expressive language Slow to start talking 2yr old
Expressive Language 1 Language leads to literacy problems
Expressive Language 2 ESL and non English speaking NESB
Expressive Language 3 4yo talking in gobledegook
Expressive Language 4 12months to 3yrs
Expressive Language 5 Checklist 1 month to 5 yrs old
Language 6 Turn off the TV
Language 7 I can’t understand my child

 Fragile X

Fragile x 2  Case notes description


Grammar 1 Age milestones
Grammar 2 4 Yrs old and 5 yrs old


Hearing 1 Importance of Hearing


Literacy 1 Phonological awareness
Literacy 2 Phonological awareness Metalinguistic skill
Literacy 3 Australian norms table 5yrs – 9 yrs old
Literacy 4Preschool literacy
Literacy 5 Speech Pathologist role
Literacy 6 From reading to writing to language
Literacy 7 Poor articulation impacts on literacy
Literacy 8 Speech pathologist, LST & Guidance officer
Literacy 9 Yr 3 boy has trouble reading
Literacy 10 Getting serious.. Is it dyslexia?
Literacy 11 Spelling
Literacy 12 Early treatment is better
Literacy 13 Choosing a reading clinic
Literacy 14   Reading   A case study Grade 6
Literacy 15  Reading   Blending of sounds  can be hard
Literacy 16Reading Optometrists and Speech Pathologists working together  
Literacy 17  Reading to your child
Literacy 18  Spelling series   How to Improve Spelling Results
Literacy 19  Spelling series  Stop the guessing
Literacy 20 ‘Clever’ not  helping -stop memorising
Literacy 21 Encouraging your child to read
Literacy 22 Matching the child to the method
Literacy 23 Poor Spelling is often just the tip of the Iceberg
Literacy 24 Comprehension Why can’t they see it
Literacy 25 Reading Difficulties Is it a visual problem
Literacy 26 School Reports, Reading diffs etc


Phon Aw 1 Sorry, what did you say?  a 3 year old
Phon Aw 2 Is your PREP child ready to read


Stutter 1 Stuttering   Demystified
Stutter 2 Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating
Stutter 3 Stuttering  including self help
Stutter 4 Stuttering


Tongue 1  Tongue thrust
Tongue 2 Tongue Thrust orthodontist
Tongue 3 Tongue Tie


Voice 1 Voice  Children’s husky voice
Voice 2 the loud child


Other 1 What help is right for my child? Different specialists
Other 2 What can Naplan tell us?
Other 3 The Boutique Reading Clinic choosing a clinic
Other 4 Class Clown or Naughty