We are very proud to include the following testimonials:

Grade 5
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Grade 7 impressive long term data
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High School “Tears from reading”
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Kaleb 10yr old:(after the 4th day of Cellfield)
Excitedly comes in on Monday morning “I could only read 2 chapters in 3 weeks before, and this weekend, I read 5 chapters on Saturday and 5 chapters on Sunday! – The next day… “in 15 minutes I read 2 chapters (at school).” One very excited boy.  Ed


Jane and Jonathon are two great young kids who struggled with their reading only a few months ago. They look pretty happy now!!! Living life and loving life….

+ 3 months… Jonathon…, mum attended parent teacher interview and thought the English teacher was being funny when she said that Jonathon was one of her top students!!! She was being serious.

My son Jonathon’s reading fluency and confidence has improved in leaps and bounds since  taking part in the Cellfield Program and follow-up behavioural reading sessions with Philip Gruhl.  He struggled at school last year.  However this year, just one term into grade 9, after working hard in the sessions and at home, he can now very much ‘hold his own’ in his English classes. His teacher recently described him as one of her best students.  I wish we had known about this opportunity  much earlier, but it seems it is never too late, and we look forward further success in the future.

Ruth Chapman

Ryan …in part, “I would like to thank you tremendously for the enormously positive impact that Tyquin has had on Ryan and we will be keeping up the BehaviouralReading at home…..

I think the Cellfield program is magnificent and I would like to thank Phil and Louise so very very much for the amazing improvement in Ryan….

Warm regards

The work that the Tyquin group does is amazing. It has had the most wonderful impact on my boy and I can’t speak highly enough of it.
Thankyou and Thankyou Again.. K

Hi Guys

Just wanted to write you a note to say thanks.

Jack got home for holidays last Wednesday and I am very impressed.
Yesterday he and I hung out and he was soooooo chatty, mature and helpful. I can’t tell you how different he was. Yesterday afternoon he was playing PS3 which is what he usually does on holidays but for the first time he came running into the kitchen to advise me of his latest conquests. He has never done that before. I am not sure if its a combination of the Cellfield Programme and him just generally maturing but it was a truly wonderful thing.

His text messages have improved, as have his emails. I have just finished The Rangers Apprentice Book 1 and am trying to get him to read it too. Hopefully it will tempt him into reading more.

Just wanted to let you know.

Again, Clem and I are very thankful for what you have done for our boy.



Liam …..Mum excitedly says “you know the teacher went YAHOO after Liam’s last spelling test (Grade7).”

Demi …..9y.o. “I read a lot faster and its easier to read books now. ”

…..”I enjoy it a lot more and am reading much more. Now I like to search for my own books to read rather than just reading what others have suggested.”

Bridget… we really appreciate your wonderful help with Bridget (and the other 2!) ….* thanks to you in the past years – PS Jacky got ‘A+’ for English and a prize; Eloise… 10 straight A’s!

Daniel 13yrs old… My 13 year old son Daniel has just completed the 2 week Cellfield Computer Programme and I am amazed at how quickly his confidence levels have increased. Homework has always been a traumatic battlefield but as of Day 2, Daniel of his own volition, completed his homework without me pleading and cajoling. This pattern has continued since then. I cannot thank Phillip enough. We are now looking forward to the next step with Daniel’s treatment.

Karen Faulkhead
Bridgeman Downs

Toni… 2 years after reading clinic

Toni….Two years on and my 10 yo daughter, Toni is now onto her third book of the Harry Potter series and still to this day, I can say that during a time when I was clinging onto hope it was Tyquin who believed that Toni had the ability to overcome her reading and learning difficulties.  It was Tyquin (Philip) who showed Toni and I ‘the way’, ‘how to learn’ and ‘how to read’.

Tyquin, what can I say except THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR Toni AND I.

Toni’s bedroom is full of books, on her floor, on the end of her bed.  They are everywhere.  She even has her own library system at home and charges me for overdue fees.

Yours sincerely,

Gwen    read more

Hello Philip,
Thank you for calling.  Yes, that sure is fine. I hope I get a call from other parents who would like to chat about ‘how’ Tyquin has assisted my children and as a result, the positive effect you have had on our whole family.   As you know, I am more than happy to share all our positive experiences we’ve had with you, particularly the end result.  We’ve only had positive experiences at Tyquin
J    You are a remarkably gifted person and you have a very natural and special way of helping the kids that really need help.


1 year ago I was tearing my hair out with 2 children not doing very well at school. We had arguments every morning “Do I have to go?” “I hate school” “It’s hard” “It’s boring”. We had noticed our daughter was struggling to learn the basics of year 1 and our son had never achieved higher than a D in Maths and English by grade 4. Through a process of testing by an audiologist and optometrist, a full speech and language assessment was recommended.  We had had some contact with Tyquin group earlier and decided to follow up with them.  A thorough assessment was then completed and they were able to explain exactly where each of our children was having difficulties and more importantly, a course of action that would help. Our daughter commenced a phonological awareness course with Louise that has seen her 1 year later able to read and sound out words consistently. Her confidence in her ability is improving and she is much happier about school. Our son completed the Cellfield training course with Phil with results that blew our mind. This year he has achieved solid C’s with an occasional B! He is even reading a series of novels because, in his words, “reading isn’t so bad. It’s even a bit fun to have an adventure!” I can highly recommend Tyquin if you need answers and assistance.

15 year old private school boy
Dear Philip and Louise

We would like to extend our thanks to you both for all the help you have given to Matthew and to my ears. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and heard it I would never have believed that Matt would be able to read as well and fluently in such a short time. I had envisioned that we would have extra lessons over the next year or so with extra homework and slowly he would start to improve. I never imagined that you would be able to make such a huge change and improvement in just two weeks. The results in the second set of tests was mind blowing. I am so glad that I sat in on the testing as I could actually see a change in his body language and a reduction of the stress he used to be under whenever he had to read anything. He said that it now doesn’t hurt his head to read, nor might I add my ears to listen to him. We are very grateful that we found you before he got to grade 11 and 12 where things get really serious and we are now confident that he will be able to achieve anything he sets his mind to without have to climb over the very big hurdle of being unable to read well and to understand and remember what he has read.

Thanks again
Linda, Stephen and Matthew Stewart

Hi Phil
I trust you are well.  Thanks for the update.  Looks like things are going well with your work at Tyquin.
Just thought I’d give you a quick update on Adam’s progress.  I’ve summarised his school results from Grade 3 to Grade 5 (for your interest and ours!):ENGLISH                 MATHS                   SCIENCE                  SOSE

               S1            S2            S1            S2            S1            S2            S1            S2

Grade 3 C              C              C              C              B              C              C              C

% class – same result or less
                23%        20%        10%        5%           54%        5%           21%        18%


Grade 4     C              C              B-            B-            C              C              C              C

% class same results or less
                  24%        10%        30%        26%        16%        16%        4%           12%


Grade 5          C+                           B                              B+                           C+

% class same or less
                    35%                        57%                        73%                        22%

 Grade 3 was Adam’s first year at BBC when they first identified his learning difficulty (diagnosis – “like dyslexia”).  He started speech therapy via the school.  He had a strong, caring teacher who he really liked.  Apart from Science in S1 he was in the lowest 20% of the class in terms of academic achievement.  His behaviour was consistently good.

In Grade 4 Adam has a rather quiet (reserved) teacher and had a challenging year of bullying.  Whilst there was improvement in his Maths results, overall he was in the lowest 17% of the class.  He did not enjoy his year at school.  He started at Tyquin at the end of this year with Katrine then went on to do Cellfield in January of 2011 with a bit of a of a hiatus!!  starting again in April.

Grade 5 has been a much happier year for Adam and academically he has improved in English, Maths and Science and marginally in SOSE.  His results thus far put him in the lower 47% of the class although in Maths and Science he is in the top 35%.

 Adam is much happier in himself and whilst he has relapses in his behaviour, we have seen a marked improvement.  We are trying to occupy most of his time with productive and/or constructive activities and have significantly reduced his television watching.  We did, however, given him an i-phone for his birthday which was all part of the incentive to get him to do his Tyquin exercises amongst other things.  I hope he doesn’t undo any of the good work we have all put in to get him thus far.

 On balance, I would have to say that your input with Cellfield (amongst other interventions!) has been rather successful to date.  Thank you very much.

 I’ll update you further with Semester 2 results.  I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with too much information.

 I trust you are keeping well and look forward to hearing from you.

 Kind regards