The Boutique Reading Clinic

Literacy is a hot topic in our community and so it should be.


The good news is that reading remediation has never been better, particularly with the help of boutique reading clinics.  These small clinics are often well placed to take advantage of the rapid growth in research and implement it in a timely manner. They are also able to tailor their services to an individual’s needs.


What is reading remediation and who needs it?

Children learn to read up until about 8 years of age and the essential neurology should be in place by this time.  Our schools actively teach reading up until the end of Grade 3, and then work on the assumption that the child can read in the older classes.


For the child who is older than 8 years old and is still struggling to read, they must be taught to read in a different manner to the initial ‘learn to read’ phase.  This involves retraining, removal of bad habits and supplemental exercises to repair missing information.  Neurologically, this is quite a different process from learning to read.


Agencies that remediate poor literacy are numerous, with schools being one of these and small, specialist reading clinics the rest.  Every clinic or school will purport to be effective, but whether they are going to be the most effective solution for your child is another matter.  Your own research and questions to the teacher or clinician will help shed light on the likelihood for a positive outcome.


Likelihood of success?

In our experience, a quick fix without effort is a rarity.  With effort though, it is usual that a good outcome for the child is achieved, allowing them to participate well at school and life beyond, without a reading disability.  For some children, this is more difficult to achieve and results can only be measured relative to how severe they were before the intervention.  Through the whole process though, it should be quite apparent, to the child and parent alike, that progress is being made and things are improving.  If not, then serious questions about the treatment and methods used, should be asked.


How long should remediation take?

Remediation done well will usually display good gains in 4-6 weeks and assure the parent and child that they are on the right track.  For this to occur, an accurate diagnosis of the problems is needed to allow for targeting of the treatment.


After the initial few weeks, ongoing help and support is needed to effect changes in the many things such as decoding skills, phonological awareness, development of working memory, efficient transfer from short term memory to long term memory, acquiring and catching up missing vocabulary, correcting behaviours associated with reading and altering behaviours and neurological sequencing from that of a non-proficient reader to that of a proficient reader.


Message:  Explore the benefits of the small boutique reading clinic and ask for evidence that shows they get the results they claim.  Any clinic achieving results above the average can only measure this through the use of standardized tests and the data for these tests is usually easily collated and should be available for your scrutiny.


What we do:


In our Tyquin Reading Clinic, we aim to help poor readers when other attempts have failed.  We willingly explore the best technology on offer in order to achieve the most effective results in the world.