Why we are different

Why Tyquin Group Reading Clinic is different

Background information:

Tyquin group was established in 1996 and is recognized throughout Queensland as a leader in the provision of services. Tyquin group reading clinic is dedicated to the rapid and successful teaching of reading and spelling. Our results are impressive and are available for public scrutiny on our website at www.tyquin.com.au.

The methods employed that achieve these high outcomes are somewhat eclectic and utilize “best practice” methods used throughout regular education, special education and speech pathology. Tyquin group also employs other innovative methods that have been sourced or developed in-house.

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Points of difference between Tyquin, other reading clinics and the Education System.


Like many agencies, Tyquin group assesses children for reading difficulties. It is important to realize that there are literally hundreds of tests/subtests that could be used when diagnosing reading problems. The easy part is doing some tests and finding a few problems. What is not so easy is having a collection of tests that will provide a useful range of information that can be easily interpreted and explain in simple terms why a child may find it difficult to read. As reading has multiple components and requires various levels of neurological interaction, it is important that the interaction of all these can be considered.

In order to create a comprehensive picture that is also affordable and timely Tyquin employs the following battery of tests / subtests:

a. Dyslexia Screening Test

b. Test of Visual Perceptual Skills – 3

c. Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization test

d. Queensland Inventory of Literacy

e. Woodcock Reading Mastery Test

f. Neale Analysis of Reading Ability -3

g. Gray Oral Reading Tests – 4

Note: not all subtests are used within these tests as duplication will often occur and the value of information gained does not usually merit the time nor expense.

Post Assessing:

Unlike most other agencies, Tyquin uses a protocol of pre/post assessing. This is essential because not only does it validate the clinical strategies being followed, it also provides a level of transparency that any claims being made are genuine. Tests used have ‘parallel’ forms that mean the test can be reused and are statistically valid.

Comprehensive written reports:

Comprehensive written reports are included for all clients. These are essential because under Australia’s anti discrimination laws, should a person have been assessed as having ‘dyslexia’ then they are entitled to assistance within their educational institution, be it a school or university. Keep the paper trail!

Industry Standard:

Use of industry standard (Psychology and Speech Pathology) norms-based assessment instruments are used. These are essential to establish statistically valid data.

Clinical Techniques:

This is where Tyquin really stands alone. Everybody tests, but how Tyquin clinically treats reading is very special as we have developed two programs that are exceptionally successful. In addition to these two, we also use Cellfield that produces amazing results. The first programme is STARS (Sound Training for Reading and Spelling). It is a phonological awareness programme that has stood the test of time. Schools today use ‘phonics’ as part of their reading programmes. In general, schools introduced phonics – a diluted form of phonological awareness, in the classroom about 7 years ago. Speech Pathologists displayed the efficacy of phonological awareness in the early 1990’s and have been refining it for the 20 years since. It was at this same time that while the University of Queensland was developing their phonologogical awareness programme, Tyquin was also developing STARS. Though Tyquin never made a commercial version of the programme for widespread sale, it has been used to great success in our clinic.

The second programme is Behavioural Reading. It is the invention of one of the Tyquin team and is used to great effect. BR evolved as a hybrid of teaching, coaching and speech pathology. The unique Tyquin environment allowed for the evolution of these groundbreaking new techniques. BR actually creates correct behavioural and neurological sequencing and leads a child to correct and effective reading, quickly and predictably. As it stands, 99% of all programs used to teach reading, whether at school, in books or online, are actually just variations and re-naming of the same theme. BR is genuine and it is a new reading innovation.

Cellfield is a programme of impeccable credentials that we use clinically. It is the only ‘intervention’ of its kind in the world. Many other programmes make claims about neuroplasticity and making changes in the brain. We measure our results and choose to use Cellfield because of the massive changes it makes in a short space of time and with minimal effort. There is simply no program that comes close to it and that is why we use it.


Though we will always offer our “best practice” service, which also attracts the highest fees, we understand that cost can impact heavily on some peoples choices of service provider. With this in mind we have usually been able to tailor a successful progamme even within quite limited budgets.

At Tyquin we will strive to find a solution to help your child to a successful reading and spelling future

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