Working WITH our brain

The extra letters spoken will have activated more of the brain ‘compartments’ and the extra pause will allow the brain to assemble its thoughts without any stress or rush.

Trick #4 Keep spelling the word, but try and do it in chunks or groups of letters that you may know or be able to hear.

Our brain naturally assembles information into related groups, so by spelling big words like ‘pathology’ our brain finds it easier to work with two chunks of ‘path’ and ‘ology’. This way it has only got two things to search for, rather than the nine individual letters. As the brain becomes more accustomed to the chunks, it will be able to use them over and over. Path-ology, bi-ology, ge-ology, psych-ology, myth-ology.

Trick #5 Repeat spelling the word at least four times and more if you have the time.
Our brain does not know what is important and what isn’t. We can tell our brain what to remember and what is important by repeating it several times.

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